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EC Innovations

United States


Precision Matters in Translation ' EC Innovations' clients and personnel alike are the innovators, the dreamers, the developers and the communicators that assimilate and embrace the distinct differences that make up the foundation of international business. Global business and cultures are brought together through our hard work and quality services, larger than the simple sum of our parts and impervious to the imaginary lines that divide us. This singular belief makes ourselves and our clients' products/services and their international brands distinguishable from all of the rest. For 20 years, EC Innovations has been empowering communications for leading multinationals. Originally known as supplying the suppliers, EC Innovations has quickly become one of the fastest growing multilingual Language Service Providers in the marketplace. EC Innovations' specializations include customized hybrid workflow and technology solutions to fit any budget and subject matter expertise for all industry verticals. Offering in-house linguists, engineering and DTP sets us apart from our competitors with quality services at a competitive price. EC Innovations has grown into 3 regional HQ's (Beijing, Budapest, Chicago) and a total of 12 strategic global offices, 350+ full-time employees; offering full localization support into 60+ languages and 120+ locales. ISO 17100:2015 Certified ISO 9001:2008 Certified ISO 13485 Certified

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Multicultural Marketing
Website Localization
Linguistic Validation
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  • North America