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Quick Start Strategies

United States


Quick Start Strategies provides revenue growth and sales enablement consulting services to the world?s leading organizations - quickly. We are dedicated to quickly improving the performance and productivity of complex business-to-business sales. Organizations need to translate insight into revenue, not just talk about it. Since 2014, we?ve analyzed and worked with 1,400+ companies around the world. This experience gives us not only a proven library of best practices, but we also have a rich benchmark of unique marketing and sales metrics that inform all our recommendations. Every recommendation we make is supported by analysis of your relevant data, ranging from historical CRM system results and surveyed sales team input to our deep benchmark database. Typical engagements: ? Improving CRM adoption and data quality ? Alignment of sales process to buyer?s journey ? Integration of sales process into a CRM system ? CRM implementation or enhancements ? including business requirements documentation ? Creation, implementation and adoption of an integrated lead-to-closed/won process ? Sales and marketing alignment ? Sales tech stack review and recommendations Using the science of selling, we use facts to quickly recommend solutions and provide tenured consultants to assist, and in many cases manage, the implementation of the solutions. Many consulting companies say they are results oriented. But do they measure the results? We do. Our engagements include the analysis of performance results post solution implementation and adoption.

Areas of subspecialty

Time/Productivity Analysis
Selling Models
Segmentation and Coverage Models
Sales Enablement
Incentive Planning
Quota development
Reward Systems
Lead management
Order management
Task consolidation
Areas of service
  • North America