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NextStage LLC

United States


NextStage is specialized in helping technology companies with go-to-market strategies leveraging the power of Inside Sales. Whether you are just launching a new team or seeking to fine-tune your existing team, NextStage can help with strategy, Inside Sales optimization, development of playbooks and battle cards around your ideal buyer persona, alignment with marketing, training, coaching, onboarding, talent development, coaching managers, and technology selection to optimize your team to deliver results. Leverage over 20 years of experience and know-how in the field of Inside Sales. NextStage, LLC can help your technology organization achieve your goals, drive the front end of your sales engine to increase pipeline, maximize Sales Development and Inside Sales conversions, develop a process and win more deals. NextStage 10 Pillars of Inside Sales success are the bedrock of our approach to your success.

Areas of subspecialty

Time/Productivity Analysis
Selling Models
Segmentation and Coverage Models
Sales Enablement
Incentive Planning
Quota development
Reward Systems
Lead Management
Order Management
Task Consolidation
Areas of service
  • North America