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Ascendix Technologies

United States


Since our founding in 1996, Ascendix Technologies has worked exclusively as an implementer, integrator and a developer of top-tier CRM systems and mobile apps. We have worked with no less than ten CRM platforms and have extensive CRM expertise and portfolio. We are Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Partners. Also, we develop mobile and web apps for our clients using our knowledge in Salesforce, Dynamics, Xamarin, iOS, Android, Outsystems, Java and other technologies. Ascendix has 17 own products and apps that help companies get the most out of their data. A CRM and app development consultant of choice for commercial real estate companies. The company focuses on CRM development, implementation, configuration, setup, customization, and integration and develops its own software products: - AscendixRE CRM - a commercial real estate CRM on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. - Ascendix Search - a Salesforce app that helps Salesforce users run advanced complex searches and work with their data without IT help. - Composer - a Report Writing tool that helps Salesforce users generate various reports using their Salesforce data. - AscendixRE Land CRM - a CRM for Land brokers. Ascendix's resources are located in both Dallas, Texas and Eastern Europe, so not only do you have round the clock development, but the ability to work with Ascendix during North American business hours. We focus on providing a customized and tailored CRM experience as well as creating additional features and add-ons to increase the value of CRM systems. We create technology that is intended to automate the system, promote client initiatives, and evolve with industry trends. Once you adopt one of our AscendixRE solutions, you also receive unmatched support from our team of experts. That includes training that aims to educate, engage, and empower your team. Learn more at

Areas of subspecialty

Time/Productivity Analysis
Selling Models
Segmentation and Coverage Models
Sales Enablement
Incentive Planning
Quota development
Reward Systems
Lead management
Order management
Task consolidation
Areas of service
  • North America