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Accent Technologies

United States


WHO WE ARE Accent is a cloud-based sales enablement company helping customers sharpen sales execution and improve win rates. Our approach is unique. We combine precise content delivery with data-driven sales performance management to paint a clear picture of sales activity levels and their effectiveness--enabling more effective sales rep execution, coaching, pipeline management, and forecasting. We help marketing teams increase their impact on sales by enabling them to manage content with great efficiency and deliver content and sales resources with high precision and relevance to the sales situation. In short, Accent represents the convergence of traditional, content-based sales enablement and sales performance management. HOW WE HELP Our data-driven approach helps drive sales in three key ways: 1. Fast access to the right sales materials, resources and guidance 2. Clear visibility into sales situations for better planning and collaboration 3. Real time tracking of buyer responses for faster follow up and better prioritization OUTCOMES WE DELIVER * More Selling Time ? by removing the dead, wasted time searching for and gathering the right resources * Closer Alignment ? teams collaborate to deliver the right information and materials to move deals forward and improve win rates * Improved Prioritization ? visibility and insight let sales teams focus on the right opportunities and avoid wasting time on low probability deals * Better Buying Experience ? by responding faster with more relevant, personalized information based on specific buying team characteristics, pain points, and goals * Insight for Improvement ? data analytics and measurement give teams the information they need to improve processes, impact key behaviors, and sharpen execution Stay updated on our latest content by subscribing to our blog:

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Time/Productivity Analysis
Selling Models
Segmentation and Coverage Models
Sales Enablement
Incentive Planning
Quota development
Reward Systems
Lead management
Order management
Task consolidation
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