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The Special Event Company

United States


The need for creative event-based marketing solutions has never been greater. In our increasingly fragmented world, individuals have more control over when, how and where they hear marketing messages - or whether to listen at all. Savvy professionals are focusing their efforts on developing memorable event experiences that touch their target audience. That's where we come in. As recognized leaders in strategic international event marketing, management and production, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their messages are clear, and message delivery is compelling. We immerse ourselves in our clients'? businesses to understand their corporate culture, objectives and goals, and develop effective event marketing strategies to advance them. We build trusted and productive working relationships with our clients'? marketing and events teams. We call on our existing relationships with the world's premiere vendors to create the most innovative and cost-effective programs, which define measurement accountability techniques and ROI. We set aggressive goals and we achieve them. We execute creatively, efficiently and flawlessly. And we have a little fun along the way.

Areas of subspecialty

Team Building
KOL/Advisor Meetings
Sales Meetings
Award Trips
Motivational Speakers
Product Launch Meetings
Pre-event Communication
Theme Development and Implementation
Environment and Staging
Technical Direction and Logistics
End to End Project Management
Room Producing and Show Calling
Presentation Design and Development
Budget Management and Reconciliation
Video Scripting and Production
Field Engagement
Areas of service
  • North America