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Production Plus

United States


Production Plus is a full service event design and management company established in 1986. Experiences have given us memories from all over the world producing a variety of events including award shows, conferences, experiential events, fashion shows, exhibitions, launches, premieres, parties, festivals and film. Our in house facilities incorporate a strong team of professionals capable of operating the largest events, utilising a large stock inventory of equipment, set construction facilities and design suites - all of which are delivered by our very own trucking fleet. We believe in delivering excellence. Follow us on Twitter @Production_Plus

Areas of subspecialty

Team Building
KOL/Advisor Meetings
Sales Meetings
Award Trips
Motivational Speakers
Product Launch Meetings
Pre-event communication
Theme development and implementation
Environment and Staging
Technical direction and logistics
End to end project management
Room producing and show calling
Presentation design and development
Budget management and reconciliation
Video scripting and production
Field engagement
Areas of service
  • Europe