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GENERIS IS A FULL-SERVICE ORGANIZER OF WORLD CLASS BUSINESS SUMMITS We provide leading industry insight, innovative onsite technical and strategic expertise through a platform uniquely designed for executives and professionals to connect. Our experience spans across two decades in successfully developing and delivering high-quality business to business events and services across various industries. Generis was formed with the vision of redefining the way in which knowledge transfer and face to face interactions take place. We see an opportunity to enhance the partnership experience through our understanding of how executives and professionals create and sustain successful relationships. Our commitment to delivering world-class content and connecting business ideas with relationship opportunities is the Generis experience. Our specialties include manufacturing, supply chain, medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical outsourcing, aerospace and defense, automotive, packaging and more! Partner with us and gain tomorrow's connection today!

Areas of subspecialty

Team Building
KOL/Advisor Meetings
Sales Meetings
Award Trips
Motivational Speakers
Product Launch Meetings
Pre-event Communication
Theme Development and Implementation
Environment and Staging
Technical Direction and Logistics
End to End Project Management
Room Producing and Show Calling
Presentation Design and Development
Budget Management and Reconciliation
Video Scripting and Production
Field Engagement
Areas of service
  • North America