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Gail + Rice

United States


Gail & Rice began in 1931 by engaging audiences with entertainment. With close ties to the automotive industry in Detroit, we innovated and grew alongside it, becoming the first company to bring cars and people together. To this day, we continue to connect complex and emerging technologies to people's lives. We continued to expand in size and capability over the years, becoming a leader in Experiential Marketing before it was first recognized as an industry. Over the course of our long-term client relationships, we refined our ability to speak to a variety of audiences in the appropriate voice ? talking with consumers, media or stakeholders such as retailers, employees and investors with equal skill and confidence. Today, Gail & Rice is a premier experiential agency, providing cool ideas, outstanding people and top-notch production resources to deliver creative, strategy, management, production and staffing for live experiences of any kind, in any setting. As we broach our tenth decade in business, we know what enegizes and sustains us: not tradition, but innovation. Answering the experiential challenges of our clients before they even exist. Changing times? Uncertain future? Bring it on. That's what it means to be Original. Experiential.

Areas of subspecialty

Team Building
KOL/Advisor Meetings
Sales Meetings
Award Trips
Motivational Speakers
Product Launch Meetings
Pre-event Communication
Theme Development and Implementation
Environment and Staging
Technical Direction and Logistics
End to End Project Management
Room Producing and Show Calling
Presentation Design and Development
Budget Management and Reconciliation
Video Scripting and Production
Field Engagement
Areas of service
  • North America