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Wuju Learning

United States


?Wuju? means ?fearless? in ancient Chinese and describes the philosophy and way of life of a true warrior. We are a company that combines the philosophy of 'Wuju' and the science of rejection to train organizations to become fearless. The fear of rejection is one of the top fears for people in sales, innovation and recruiting. It holds them back from closing deals, communicating new ideas, and finding the best talent. Our methods help our clients turn rejection on its head, inspire them to embrace and even look for rejection, and teach them to turn rejections into opportunities. From Fortune 500 companies like Google and NetApp, to world-class universities such as Stanford and Yale, to small to medium-sized organizations of all kinds, we use our methodology to train people to be fearless, so they can sell more, think bigger and achieve higher.

Areas of subspecialty

Product Launch
Sales Meeting Workshops
Marketer Training
Market Access Training
Medical Affairs Training
New Hire onboarding
Virtual Training
Diversity and Inclusion
Experiential Learning
Mobile Learning
Assessments & Certifications
Key Account Management
Live Workshops
Warning Letter Remediation
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