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Wilson Learning



For more than 50 years organizations have sought Wilson Learning’s expertise in helping them address key business issues, including: 

  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development
  • Workforce Readiness

At Wilson Learning, we help organizations improve the effectiveness of their salespeople and sales leaders. Our solutions result in significant returns for our clients, including more deals won, higher margin sales, more referrals, more upsells and cross-sells to existing customers, and faster growth in sales revenue. Our customized and results-oriented approach equips sales organizations with a common language, sales methodology, sales process, strategies, skills, and techniques to help our customers achieve transformational improvements. 

We also work extensively with HRD, OD, and L&D senior level executives in transforming their leaders to meet the organization’s demands and execute the business’s strategy. We consult with organizations to develop all levels of leaders from first level leaders to executives. Our solutions equip leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders. 

Organizations in more than 50 countries achieve success through working with Wilson Learning on inspiring, developing, and transforming their greatest investment – their people.

Areas of subspecialty

Product Launch
Sales Meeting Workshops
Adaptive Leadership
Behavioral Profiling Tools
Coaching Models
Emotional Intelligence
First Line Managers
Mid-Level Managers
Performance Coaching
Senior Leaders
Sales Enablement
Segmentation and Coverage Models
Selling Models
Time/Productivity Analysis
Areas of service
  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa