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Springer Healthcare Training

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At Springer Healthcare Training, we get it! As an agency specializing in clinical medicine training, we are passionate about science. In fact we are so passionate, we?ve built a reputation for delivering outstanding clinical training solutions for our pharmaceutical and medical device partners. Our solutions range from foundational modules and launch programs to just-in-time microlearning, and everything in between. Your team?s success depends upon their understanding of a complicated disease state, varying patient journeys, competitive marketplace and exactly where your product fits into a continuously developing landscape. They must be credible in their communication and quick to impart the benefits of your product, in order to achieve success. Our solutions are laser focused on doing so. We achieve this by being part of Springer Nature, a global STM publisher. We operate on a global scale, drawing upon our worldwide network of medical writers, scientific resources, and creative talent that spans across all scientific, medical and learning disciplines. We leverage the high science knowledge that we have (and have access to), against our world-class instructional design team to create engaging learning solutions, custom developed just for you, that will power your team to success. We are global leaders in clinical training. It?s a specialist area, which is why it?s all we do ? and we do it exceptionally well!

Areas of subspecialty

Product Launch
Sales Meeting Workshops
Marketer Training
Market Access Training
Medical Affairs Training
New Hire onboarding
Virtual Training
Diversity and Inclusion
Experiential Learning
Mobile Learning
Assessments & Certifications
Key Account Management
Live Workshops
Warning Letter Remediation
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