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Matrix Achievement

United States


Matrix Achievement Group is a boutique, global sales force effectiveness and performance consulting firm. Our mission is to assist companies in developing and sustaining a competitive business advantage. Matrix leverages a comprehensive world-class portfolio of solutions to accelerate talent development. We are grateful to have the opportunity to have trained over 21,470 sales professionals and 2,340 sales managers. MAG has maintained a 90.47% client retention rate over our 16 years of business. Our client list includes: Medtronic; Stryker; Covidien; Teleflex; ZimmerBio; Daimler Chrysler; International Paper; Boston Scientific, and more.

Areas of subspecialty

Product Launch
Sales Meeting Workshops
Marketer Training
Market Access Training
Medical Affairs Training
New Hire onboarding
Virtual Training
Diversity and Inclusion
Experiential Learning
Mobile Learning
Assessments & Certifications
Key Account Management
Live Workshops
Warning Letter Remediation
Areas of service
  • North America