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Simply Biotech

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Simply Biotech is a recruiting firm dedicated to the biotech industry in San Diego. We place biotech professionals on contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent basis. BIOTECH IN SAN DIEGO. IT'S ALL WE DO. We believe that effective and successful recruiting must be specialized, both in industry and geography. It is the only way to truly know both companies and job seekers and the most effective way to bring them together. At Simply Biotech, we focus only on the biotech industry here in San Diego. THE INSIDER'S NETWORK We?ve been networking with San Diego?s biotech firms before you knew you were ready to make a career change. When you register with us, we plug you into an existing network of companies that don?t always post to job boards. You will have access to unique opportunities throughout the greater San Diego area - opportunities you won?t find on your own. THANK YOU FOR CALLING We?ve picked up that old book on customer service, dusted it off, and put it back into practice. How many times have you left a message and never heard back? How many recruiting firms have you sent your resume to who haven?t called you back promptly? At Simply Biotech, customer service is our priority. We return calls promptly. We don?t let you fall through the cracks. It sounds so simple yet so few know how to do it right. THE IMPORTANCE OF A FIRM HANDSHAKE There is no substitute for meeting someone in person. It is the only way to really understand people. We interview all of our candidates in person before they interview at our client companies to ensure the best possible fit. Also, we visit every biotech company in person, meet the people involved in the decision, get a feel for the company culture, and get a thorough understanding of the job. We won?t waste your time because we?re committed to understanding exactly what it is you?re looking for.

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