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Germer International

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Germer International is a recruiting firm that specializes in placing professionals and executives in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical devices industries. We are a company that builds strong companies, one placement at a time. 

The firm was founded in 2002 by John Germer, who began his recruiting career in 1987. John Germer and his staff are focused on significantly growing the company by building on John’s years of experience as well as through the team’s relentless pursuit of finding the best candidates for their clients. Germer International has grown and continues to grow because of our unique knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry and because of the depth of our contacts. However, the most critical factor in our growth thus far, and the reason we will continue to further dominate is because of our hiring practices and because of our training. 

GI understands that the better our people are, the better our services will be. So, by hiring the right people and providing them with the right training, our services will grow in demand. Germer International's recruiting expertise is in the areas of: 

Pharmaceuticals Chemistry (Analytical, Formulation, Process Development, Synthesis, Medicinal) QC/QA Sales & Marketing Purchasing/Supply Chain Regulatory Clinical Preclinical Engineering Production HEOR MSL Executives IT Human Resources For recruiting professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. 

It is Germer International...It's that simple.

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