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What are your plans to recruit the talent your company needs to stay competitive? 

With the transition to patient-centric care models impacting life science companies’ entire value chain — from R&D to treatment delivery — innovation and efficiency are critical to success. How are you attracting employees who will be leaders, who will contribute to quality improvement, who will evolve with your company’s needs, and who are a great fit in your company’s culture? You don’t do it alone. 

With five distinct practice areas with in the life sciences — pharma, biotech, medical devices, contract research organizations, and research institutions — Biotech Partners connects hiring managers with viable and vetted candidates for any job within our practice areas. And we do it in an average of 3 days or less with a 95-percent fill ratio on all committed search engagements. 

Our search consultants understand the market and what constitutes a successful hiring process, and our outstanding research and referencing team curates a robust talent portfolio not accessible through traditional job boards or other online resources. Working with Biotech Partners achieves $2 million in annual client cost savings per year by filling positions in half the time it takes for a company to do it on its own.

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