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Lifescale Analytics

United States


LifeScale Analytics helps companies effectively utilize and integrate their data architecture and data analytics. We work with organizations that are committed to improving lives and the world we live in. By helping maximize the value of their research data, we enable them to be more efficient, innovative, and focused on what they do best. LifeScale Analytics is part of a successful Twin Cities Based Technology firm, DBI Consulting, that has been serving clients across the United States since 1988. Contact LifeScale Analytics to find out how we can help your organization successfully manage your data to help make speedier and better business decisions.

Areas of subspecialty

Performance Data
Market Trends
Patient Modeling
Access Marketing Effectiveness
Impact of Generic entry
Sales Force Size & Structure
Modeling the Market
Competitive Mix
Demand Planning
Product Sales
P&L Analysis
Areas of service
  • North America