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Kvantum Inc. develops, deploys and commercializes Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence based products to solve complex business problems in marketing analytics and consumer insights. Kvantum is the marketing performance analytics company, building technology that fundamentally changes the way brands measure the marketing impact on sales. Kvantum has combined the machine learning and econometric modeling into its proprietary Marketing Performance Analytics Platform that can measure the short term and long term incremental effect of marketing with minimum possible data points. Brands can work with Kvantum in two ways: by licensing either of the platforms - Kvantum Element (for data management and visualization only), Kvantum Evolve (for marketing optimization & scenario planning), Kvantum Leap (for MMM+Attribution), Kvantum Vector (for Consumer Insights) or by working with Kvantum to solve your toughest measurement challenge (Custom Solution). The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas and works with top Retail, CPG and eCommerce brands across US, Canada, APAC, MENA, South America, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. Over the past years, we have helped clients increase their digital ROI from 30% to 60%, while maintaining spend levels.

Areas of subspecialty

Performance Data
Market Trends
Patient Modeling
Access Marketing Effectiveness
Impact of Generic entry
Sales Force Size & Structure
Modeling the Market
Competitive Mix
Demand Planning
Product Sales
P&L Analysis
Areas of service
  • North America