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At INNOPLEXUS we are helping organisations move to continuous decision-making by generating broader, deeper and faster insights from structured and unstructured private and public data leveraging cutting-edge, patent-pending Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and advanced analytics technologies. We aim to transform batch decision making in enterprises into a empowered, inspired and faster continuum. ? We focus on industries that need to constantly evaluate and improve their efficiency, reduce cost and mitigate risk to keep up with the changing business environment - like global banking, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies. ? In addition to strengthening research efforts, we work to help healthcare organizations leverage technologies to expedite drug development process across all stages - preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial. Whether a drug developer is seeking existing research, a medical researcher is searching for alternative treatments, or a practitioner is attempting to find data on a particular disease - increasing access to relevant information removes roadblocks to discovery and fuels rapid growth. ? Our Data as a Service (DaaS) and Continuous Analytics as a Service (CaaS) solutions are helping Fortune 500 companies drive business outcomes. We automate the collection, curation, aggregation, and analysis, of billions of data points from thousands of data sources, using machine learning, network analysis, ontologies, computer vision and entity normalization. ? Founded in 2015, INNOPLEXUS AG is headquartered in Eschborn Germany with offices in Pune, India, and Hoboken, USA.

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Performance Data
Market Trends
Patient Modeling
Access Marketing Effectiveness
Impact of Generic entry
Sales Force Size & Structure
Modeling the Market
Competitive Mix
Demand Planning
Product Sales
P&L Analysis
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