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Creascience offers consulting and training services focused around statistics, mathematics & data science. Throughout the years, our biostatistics unit has developed a renowned expertise in preclinical research and statistical support for laboratories. Simultaneously, our data analysis and modelling unit has become a leader in quantitative methods for predictive analytics & market research. We deliver custom solutions that combine creativity with scientific rigour and we proud ourselves of being able to communicate methodology and results in a non-technical fashion. We are passionate about statistics training. We realise that statistics is not the favourite topic of people. Our training department has developed applied and dynamic training sessions and offers a comprehensive catalog of sessions focused on the application of statistical methods in various fields including life sciences, engineering & business analytics.

Areas of subspecialty

Performance Data
Market Trends
Patient Modeling
Access Marketing Effectiveness
Impact of Generic entry
Sales Force Size & Structure
Modeling the Market
Competitive Mix
Demand Planning
Product Sales
P&L Analysis
Areas of service
  • North America