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Every day, CareMetx makes a difference in the lives of people facing complex health challenges. CareMetx is a specialty hub services and technology company providing patient-centric services supported by state-of-the-art proprietary technology. Bio-pharmaceutical and device manufacturers who have developed life-changing niche products, come to us to provide expert reimbursement support and clinical services for patients who have been prescribed these innovative products. Aside from having an experienced, compassionate work force, dedicated to the highest quality patient care, CareMetx delivers mobile solutions, dashboards, portals and other technology solutions to help track and manage the patient's journey "from intake to outcomes."? CareMetx'? portfolio includes "human services"? such as reimbursement case management, clinical care coordination, patient assistance program management; and cutting edge technology services such as data aggregation, analysis and reporting solutions that may be "bolted on"? to existing HUB technology for greater data access. Our mobile data collection and reporting tools for use by manufacturers, providers and patients support and sustain patient access to complex therapies. CareMetx is a privately-held, high-achieving, patient-focused company powered by 21st century technology solutions.

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