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The Schwartz Group

United States

Overview The Schwartz Group is a healthcare-exclusive outsource partner that expands our clients'? marketing reach and recruitment capabilities through innovative telemarketing services, performed by the industry's most experienced and professional staff. Since our founding in 2002, we have successfully executed 1000's of healthcare marketing campaigns designed to increase attendance at medical meetings or grow market share through customized, data-driven outreach. The Schwartz Group differentiates itself from typical marketing companies in two critical ways: 1. We are 100% Healthcare-exclusive ? all telemarketing campaigns we execute target hospitals, physician practices, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare settings. 2. We employ the Industry?s most experienced and professional staff ? all of our tele-support representatives (TSRs) possess a 4-year honors degree in a related field and possess outstanding communication skills.

Areas of subspecialty

Peer-to-Peer Scientific Content
Scientific Platforms & Lexicon
Marketplace Assessment/ Competitive Intelligence
Patient Materials
Advisory Board Strategy and Execution
Virtual Advisory Boards
Online Discussion Groups
Speaker Bureau Strategy and Training
Speaker Bureau Management
Video Script Development and Production
MOA/MOD Production
Launch Planning and Execution
Field Force Training Materials
Congress Planning and Support
Managed Market
Investor Relations & Communications
Live Meeting Logistics and Execution
Technological/Digital Provider
Publication Planning
Areas of service
  • North America