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STRIKEFORCE is a revolutionary healthcare communications agency that operates through a unique, open source model called Precision Pairing. This "in-sourcing" approach offers Clients greater access to top-level talent and the ability to truly tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of each assignment - without the overhead and fixed assets of a traditional model. This result is greater specificity, efficiency and a more potent work product. STRIKEFORCE COMMUNICATIONS LLC is based in New York City. The Agency?s engagements include work for the following Clients: Alcon Laboratories, Orexigen Therapeutics, Pozen Pharmaceuticals, KCI, Azur Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories, Ocean Nutrition Canada, Wyeth/Pfizer, Sepracor and Teva. STRIKEFORCE has over 500 cross functional people in its open source network. Mike Rutstein Founder and President

Areas of subspecialty

Peer-to-Peer Scientific Content
Scientific Platforms & Lexicon
Marketplace Assessment/ Competitive Intelligence
Patient Materials
Advisory Board Strategy and Execution
Virtual Advisory Boards
Online Discussion Groups
Speaker Bureau Strategy and Training
Speaker Bureau Management
Video Script Development and Production
MOA/MOD Production
Launch Planning and Execution
Field Force Training Materials
Congress Planning and Support
Managed Market
Investor Relations & Communications
Live Meeting Logistics and Execution
Technological/Digital Provider
Publication Planning
Areas of service
  • North America