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Plastics Color

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Plastics Color is a global provider of custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants and additive masterbatches. Whatever your needs in the realm of plastics and coloring, we have the know-how to make it happen. We serve an extensive range of markets, from pharmaceuticals to electronics, consumer packaging to sporting goods, medical uses to industrial plastic content. Our products ? which include color concentrates, additive masterbatches, liquid colorants, thermoplastic compounds and dry blends ? work in virtually every type of manufacturing process and resin type. It?s our mission to create the products that help bring yours to life. We?re committed to something we call the ?Pyramid of Partnership:? we work alongside every one of our vendors, customers and associates to ensure that your products are colored for success. Further still, we?re committed to sustainability: we set stringent ecological standards for our products, and we?re aggressively searching for the developments that will revolutionize the plastics industry of tomorrow. Because we think the colors that look best on us are quality, collaboration, and responsibility. Which colors look best on you?

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