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NexTraq, a Michelin group company, serves as an important partner to our customers, helping them improve driver safety while meeting crucial business objectives: • Fleet Tracking: Find the location of a single vehicle or the entire fleet. • Driver Assignment: Keep track of who’s driving a vehicle on any given day. • Dispatch: Optimize daily planning to help drivers accomplish more during the day. • Mapping & Geofence: Create locations and zones with simplified geofencing. • Driver Behavior: Correct poor driver habits with the tools needed to coach the team. • Sensors & Asset Tracking: Know when a driver uses a lift or an asset has been moved. • Maintenance: Automate maintenance schedules and get alerts when repairs are due. • Mobile Solutions: Get fleet data on a smartphone with the NexTraq View™ app. • Additional Services: Simplify ELD compliance, operations, and fuel management.

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Fleet Management
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  • North America