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ValueLinked is a Management Consulting company focused on helping companies with Market Research, Sales Acceleration Services & Technology R&D for building and launching products (new and existing). Our capabilities include re-engineering existing products, SaaS/Cloud/IaaS, QA Testing, Sales & Marketing Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, Business models, Go-to-marketing plans, mHealth, SaaS, BigData, AI, NLP, VR, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and IoT. Our customers include Startups, Software ISVs, IoT / Wearable / Digital Health / mHealth Companies, Cross Industry Enterprises, Healthcare Providers and Payers, Medical Device Manufacturers from USA, Australia and India. Our team members include expert software engineers, sales and marketing professionals based in the USA and India. Our Service Offerings include: - Market Research and Product-Market Fit - Product R&D, Rapid Prototypes, MVP and New Product Development - Business Model Canvas - Go-to-Market plans and Marketing Mix - Metric based Leads / Sales pipeline generation - Partner Programs and Channels - Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media - Software QA Testing and Security - Cloud Migration and SaaS - Early Adopters and Enterprise Sales - BigData Analytics and Enterprise Mobility We have partnered with numerous vendors to serve our customers with right solutions, some of our notable partners are IBM, AWS Cloud, Samsung, RedHat and Microsoft. Check out our website for more information.

Areas of subspecialty

Intelligence and Listening
Content Marketing
Campaign Creative
Digital Ecosystem Mapping
Web Strategy and Design
Video/Commercial Production
Agency of Record
Channel Strategy and Management
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Launch Strategy
Performance Monitoring
Patient Journey Mapping
User Journey Mapping
Reputation Management
Payer Marketing
Event Branding and Engagement
Patient Education
Graphic Design
Areas of service
  • North America