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Tech Knowledge Media

United States


TECH KNOWLEDGE MEDIA AND VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Tech Knowledge Media specializes has received over 1.4 billion views worldwide for our clients. We offer marketing solutions for organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to established companies. We serve many sectors including nonprofits, military, automotive, charities, energy, finance, health care, high tech, media, mining, pharmaceuticals, retail, salon and spa resorts, telecommunications, education, government and transportation. ? Creating a captivating, unforgettable brand and delivering it to your target audience is vital in getting ahead of the competition. While accomplishing this in the most comprehensive and persuasive manner, the most efficient use of marketing dollars is imperative. Are you missing out on the best opportunities? Comparing prices of different consulting services does not measure effectiveness or efficiency. But, a record of successful ventures and satisfied clients demonstrates a winning strategy. The success of our clients is the best measure of our abilities. Contact us for more information on how we can develop a detailed plan that meets the needs of your operation.

Areas of subspecialty

Intelligence and Listening
Content Marketing
Campaign Creative
Digital Ecosystem Mapping
Web Strategy and Design
Video/Commercial Production
Agency of Record
Channel Strategy and Management
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Launch Strategy
Performance Monitoring
Patient Journey Mapping
User Journey Mapping
Reputation Management
Payer Marketing
Event Branding and Engagement
Patient Education
Graphic Design
Areas of service
  • North America