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Streng Agency

United States


Streng. What do we do? It's simple. We connect brands to customers. We are not your typical advertising agency. For that matter, Streng is not a typical business. This is due in part to our approach in solving everyday problems as creatively as possible. Quite simply, we are everything you need in an agency. Streng has been providing award-winning customer generating marketing for over 30 years. During that time we have developed a wide range of capabilities, specializing in advertising and marketing, branding, print design, catalog design, packaging design, web development, social and digital marketing, and a totally integrated approach to all of these services and marketing tactics under one roof. Experiencing our culture is the best way to understand the kind of people we are and the amount of passion and enthusiasm with which we approach our clients? problems. We have made it our ongoing practice to not only hire the best creative professionals that afford us experienced leadership but also individuals that are driven by finding new, provocative ways to change markets. We have fun doing what we do and having fun is a statement about our culture and the strong relationships that blossom with our clients, and our vendors. Relationships are central to who and what we are. We are only a strong creative agency because we build lasting partnerships with our clients and their brands.

Areas of subspecialty

Intelligence and Listening
Content Marketing
Campaign Creative
Digital Ecosystem Mapping
Web Strategy and Design
Video/Commercial Production
Agency of Record
Channel Strategy and Management
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Launch Strategy
Performance Monitoring
Patient Journey Mapping
User Journey Mapping
Reputation Management
Payer Marketing
Event Branding and Engagement
Patient Education
Graphic Design
Areas of service
  • North America