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Schaefer Advertising

United States


Give us your goal and we will seek what’s possible. You don’t want a print ad. Or a radio spot. Or a TV commercial. What you really want is to accomplish something, whether that’s increasing profits, establishing your brand or what have you. Sometimes, a print ad is the right way to go. But what if it’s not?

At Schaefer, we preach goal-driven marketing. This simply means that we always begin with the what rather than the how. Going into a project with a preconceived execution is like advertising with one hand tied behind your back. Going into a project with a common goal makes everyone free to find the best solution, whatever it may look like. And hey, sometimes that’s a print ad.

We’re expert guides helping you summit Everest. We’ve been there many times, and we know the way. But if you can’t trust us to get you there, don’t hire us. Halfway up the mountain is no time to turn back. If you’d like a partner that will work for you like your brand depends on it, we’re probably the people for you.

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Brand Naming
Agency of Record
Video/Commercial Production
Web Strategy and Design
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