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Promidian is a management consulting firm that is focused on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. We combine deep industry and functional area knowledge with specialized expertise in market assessment, analytics, and strategy development—to assist life sciences executives in addressing their most pressing business challenges. 

At Promidian, we work with clients to increase value across the product lifecycle—including compounds that are in development, prelaunch and launch products, in-line brands, and brands that are facing loss of exclusivity. 

We also help clients understand and address the strategic, tactical, and operational implications of the rapidly evolving—and increasingly complex—market dynamics facing pharmaceutical and biotech companies today.

Areas of subspecialty

Brand Strategy
Launch Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Change Management
Commercial Models
Competency Models
Learning Team Effectiveness
Organizational Engagement
Strategic Mapping
Top Team Alignment
Values Development
War Gaming
Areas of service
  • North America
  • Europe