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CRC Research/CRC Recherches

United States


CRC Research is a CRIC Accredited Agency Seal marketing research company, offering full service healthcare research in Canada and the USA and comprehensive consumer and medical field services throughout Canada. We are a key North American resource for health research; our moderators are routinely contracted by leading international agencies; our renowned patient and healthcare provider panel is utilized by key research organizations both within Canada and globally. CRC operates premier focus group facilities in both English and French Canada and specializes in medical and consumer recruitment for both qualitative and quantitative projects. We can conduct taste (and other central location) tests in any Canadian location and operate a specialized francophone call centre for telephone surveys. With the acquisition of Research House, Head Count, Head Quarters and more recently Consumer Vision, CRC Research is the leading qualitative agency in Canada with unparalleled medical and consumer database, personnel and focus group facilities across Canada.

Areas of subspecialty

Market Segmentation
Product Testing
Advertising Testing
Sales Resource Testing
Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis
Brand Awareness and Reach
Pricing Research
Areas of service
  • North America