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Vintura is a strategic consultancy company focusing on life sciences and healthcare sectors, dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. We support hospitals and organizations in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices sector. Our team of over 25 highly skilled consultants has substantial industry knowledge and expertise. Our experience in international markets allows us to support clients across Europe and beyond. In our projects we contribute to realizing accessible and affordable care for every patient, from both a healthcare as a life sciences perspective ? combining these world in value-based healthcare projects. This is visible in our mission: ?creating meaningful impact in healthcare together?. We do so based on our core values: ? being ambitious and brave in finding the best solutions, ? being emphatic and sincere to create maximal commitment. Vintura has a distinguished approach which is delivered by experienced advisors with consultancy and industry expertise: ? Truly understanding the customer?s challenges ? Co-developing tailored and integral approaches ? Using the intellect and creativity of all ? Being mindful of organizational and personal impact & needs ? Being passionate and persistent in managing the required change together Vintura was established in 2000. Since 2007 we?re fully focused on Life Sciences (Pharma and Medical Devices) and Healthcare. We?ve built a rather diverse team of over 25 consultants, all with the common drive: to create sustainable and meaningful impact. Over time we?ve developed a wide and loyal customer base, both locally and internationally, with an average client satisfaction score of 8,5. Our focus areas: Healthcare: strategy and positioning | performance improvement | partnerships | hospital logistics | value-based healthcare Life Sciences: portfolio and brand strategy | market access and pricing | value-based healthcare | organizational transition

Areas of subspecialty

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Pricing Strategy and Communications
Channel Strategy and Engagement
Contracting Strategy and Execution
Payer Segmentation
Pre-launch Unmet Needs Campaigns
Value Propositions
Payer Promotions
Health Economic - RWE and FDAMA 114 Communications
AMCP Dossiers
Account Team Planning and Training
Reimbursement Support Programs
Patient Affordability Materials
Payer Media Planning
Pull-through Programs
Market Research / Advisory Boards
Areas of service
  • Europe