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NavAxxess Health Solutions

United States


The NavAxxess team brings you a combination of experienced health care professionals and analytic tools to ensure profitable access for your products and services in the complex U.S. health care system. We start with a clear understanding of the market dynamics and key stakeholders. Our veteran team enables your success with deep knowledge of the health care customer perspective, a realistic assessment of your opportunities in each segment of Managed Markets, development of segment specific strategies, analytic tools and deployment tactics for execution excellence. The U.S health care system is the most complex of any industry due to multiple stakeholders with varied roles, incentives and regulations. With the ACA and other market-driven reform, that landscape is constantly changing. The pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in account management and contracted business arrangements with a hope of profitable access and reasonable returns. Our leadership team has over 100 years? experience managing a wide range of products over the entire health care network. Ensure you have the clear understanding of the market and customer perspective, the right priority by key segment and the strategy, contracting approach and tactics for each to maximize your return. It is estimated that more than $125 Billion were spent in 2017 in Rebate payments by the Pharmaceutical Companies in the US. This amount becomes the single largest expense item in the P&L of Pharma Companies. NavAxxess Health Solutions offers an array of tools that help estimating not only the Incremental Net Income and Cash Flow NPV and ROI of Rebate Investments, but quantifying Target Market Shares that must be achieved on-contracts negotiated with Health Plans. NavAxxess also has developed tools to evaluate the Economic Impact to Customer Health Plans for formulary changes resulting of negotiations of New Contracts. Other tools help keep track of the Performance Metrics achieved by signed contracts.

Areas of subspecialty

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Pricing Strategy and Communications
Channel Strategy and Engagement
Contracting Strategy and Execution
Payer Segmentation
Pre-launch Unmet Needs Campaigns
Value Propositions
Payer Promotions
Health Economic - RWE and FDAMA 114 Communications
AMCP Dossiers
Account Team Planning and Training
Reimbursement Support Programs
Patient Affordability Materials
Payer Media Planning
Pull-through Programs
Market Research / Advisory Boards
Areas of service
  • North America