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Global Integrated Reimbursement Services Inc

United States


Global Integrated Reimbursement Services Inc. is a woman-owned minority business providing global reimbursement consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical devices companies. We bridge the gap between medical technology companies and payers to improve market access for innovative products. We have delivered successful integrated reimbursement/market access strategies for: ? Pharmaceuticals; ? Biologics/Biosimilars; ? Diagnostics; ? Medical devices and DME; ? Combination products Our services to support market access for pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, medical devices, and combination products include: 1. Reimbursement assessments 2. Coding and pricing strategies 3. HCPCS, CPT?, New Technology, and Pass-Through applications 4. Payer mailings and payer advocacy for coverage through the GIRS Payer Advocacy Compass (PAC)? 5. Billing guides and sales force education 6. Review of clinical study design and outcomes 7. Clinical trial reimbursement 8. Policy monitoring and analyses 9. Medical technology hotline support services through the GIRS InContact Reimbursement Line? * Benefit verifications, prior authorization assistance, appeals assistance, and Patient Assistance Programs 10. Health economic models, pricing studies 11. Coverage with evidence development 12. Government services 13. Managed market services 14. Medicare Part D and private payer formulary placement GIRS also has a strong global focus.

Areas of subspecialty

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Pricing Strategy and Communications
Channel Strategy and Engagement
Contracting Strategy and Execution
Payer Segmentation
Pre-launch Unmet Needs Campaigns
Value Propositions
Payer Promotions
Health Economic - RWE and FDAMA 114 Communications
AMCP Dossiers
Account Team Planning and Training
Reimbursement Support Programs
Patient Affordability Materials
Payer Media Planning
Pull-through Programs
Market Research / Advisory Boards
Areas of service
  • North America