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Named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company, VitalSmarts combines three decades of original research with 50 years of the best social science thinking to help leaders and organizations achieve new levels of performance. 

Specifically, we focus on human behavior—the underlying written and unwritten rules that shape employee behavior and the organizational culture. VitalSmarts’ work within the halls of some of the world’s top organizations has led us to identify four skill sets present in successful companies. When used in combination, these high-leverage skills create healthy corporate cultures that spur flawless execution and consistent innovation. 

These skill sets are taught in the New York Times bestselling books and award-winning training programs of the same titles: Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability®, Getting Things Done®, and Influencer Training®. 

 VitalSmarts has trained two million people worldwide and helped more than 300 of the Fortune 500 realize significant results using this proven method for driving rapid, sustainable and measurable change in behaviors. VitalSmarts has been ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America for ten consecutive years.

Areas of subspecialty

Adaptive Leadership
Behavioral Profiling Tools
Coaching Models
Emotional Intelligence
Executive Coaching
First Line Managers
Mid-Level Managers
Performance Coaching
Professional Coach
Public Speaking
Senior Leaders
Top Sales Talent
Training Manager Development
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