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The Learning Cafe

United States


The Learning Caf? is an acknowledged expert in the areas of the multi-generational workforce, personal and team branding, mentoring, and leadership development. Our presentations, training materials and workshops have provoked thought, changed behavior and educated thousands of managers and employees. Our work has been cited or published in over 50 articles, books, podcasts and webcasts. Our clients span many industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utilities, financial services, high tech, insurance, the federal government and not-for-profit. The Learning Caf? provides learning solutions that support personal growth and produce business results. We specialize in designing, implementing and sustaining exceptional learning experiences that bridge the workplace generation gap, develop outstanding leaders, use personal branding as a unique career development tool, create successful mentoring initiatives, and engage and retain top talent. We partner with you to build programs that promote individual effectiveness and organizational success. Our solutions include workshops, webcasts, consulting, tools and keynote presentations. The Learning Caf? crafts experiences that enable people to explore new ideas and discover new perspectives through personalized learning experiences. We know that the most profound learning focuses on the experience of the learner, not the ego of the facilitator. Curious to learn more? Check out this 3-1/2 minute video at You?ll discover how co-founders Diane Thielfoldt and Devon Scheef combine their business acumen, unique talents and innate understanding of how individuals develop to transform individuals and organizations alike. Learn how you can take your organization?s training to the next level. You provide the potential; we?ll transform it into performance.

Areas of subspecialty

Top Sales Talent
Training Manager Development
First Line Managers
Mid-Level Managers
Senior Leaders
Emotional Intelligence
Adaptive Leadership
Behavioral Profiling Tools
Coaching Models
Performance Coaching
Professional Coach
Public Speaking
Compass Leadership
Executive Coaching
Top Team Alignment
Women in Leadership
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