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Human Edge Resources

United States


Human Edge Resources, LLC (HER, LLC) partners with you and your organization to design and deliver unique and targeted solutions to maximize organizational sustainability, develop inspirational leaders, and build high performing teams. Today?s leaders have a tremendous responsibility to strategically lead teams of complex individuals to achieve business results, while also creating and maintaining a culture that inspires innovation, creativity and inclusion, and providing engaging opportunities for growth and learning for their team members. Our services in the areas of Strategic Consulting & Facilitation, Leadership Development and High Performing Teams are designed to help leaders develop and refine the capabilities and processes necessary to effectively lead their teams and organization to reach both short and long term goals in an ever-changing environment. Our clients are leaders who want to be the best they can be. They are open to self-discovery and improvement, are eager to try new approaches, and truly believe that sharpening their ?human edge? will lead to success. At HER, LLC, we are committed to: ? Understanding our clients' unique situations. We ask a lot of questions to uncover root causes and systemic impacts. ? Finding flexible solutions. We are on top of the latest trends in strategic planning, leadership development, and team effectiveness and are always "in search of a better way." Yet, we don't balk at the tried and true practices that have been proven successful. ? Getting it done. We take ownership for supporting our clients through their learning process, allowing them to reach a new level of competence. Please contact us at for more information about how HER, LLC can help you achieve your goals.

Areas of subspecialty

Top Sales Talent
Training Manager Development
First Line Managers
Mid-Level Managers
Senior Leaders
Emotional Intelligence
Adaptive Leadership
Behavioral Profiling Tools
Coaching Models
Performance Coaching
Professional Coach
Public Speaking
Compass Leadership
Executive Coaching
Top Team Alignment
Women in Leadership
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