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Healthcare is a complex and diverse industry. Dealing with continuous reform and regulation from government and politics puts a lot of accountability on companies in the sector. The high pressure leads to constant turnover in leadership roles and the c-suite, and it’s hard to plan for succession. The high turnover and constant reform causes low employee engagement rates and the need for higher motivation.

As a sector of healthcare, pharmaceutical companies are also facing additional challenges from businesses and formularies. They are seeking high performing leaders that know how to motivate and coach. Leading virtually is a big concern for managers because many companies operate globally.

We work with many learning & development practitioners in healthcare and pharmaceutical field to:

  • Understanding different leadership skills for both in-person, one-to-one and virtual global situations
  • Customize course content to fit company leadership development goals
  • Raise low employee engagement rates caused from consent reform and turnover
  • Development of soft skills for employees working one-to-one with patients and clients
  • Renew emphasis on innovation through democratizing leadership access
  • Navigate a complex and ever-changing landscape

Areas of subspecialty

Adaptive Leadership
Behavioral Profiling Tools
Coaching Models
Emotional Intelligence
First Line Managers
Mid-Level Managers
Performance Coaching
Senior Leaders
Areas of service
  • South America
  • North America
  • Europe