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Alpha Omega Translations

United States

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Alpha Omega Translations was established in 1998 and is full service translation agency Our capabilities are: ? Provide foreign language consulting ? Provide personalized translation services in all major languages ? Provide personalized interpretation services in all major languages ? Provide Desktop Publishing Services in all major languages ? Provide greater assurance of compliance with client requirements ? Develop subject matter expert consultations ? Manage state of the art terminology databases, translation memory and glossary memory tools for improved quality control, speed, accuracy, and economy ? Our staff includes a worldwide network of skilled translators, interpreters and desktop publishers, and full time research staff for technical research in any specialty, and a worldwide network of experts and consultants in any specialty area ? Provide On Site Project Managers during conferences ? Provide wireless equipment, technicians and booths, capable of handling as many languages as needed and for great numbers of participants. These services are provided locally, nationwide, and overseas.

  • North America
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