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Force By Design

United States

Bobbi Corbit

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Force by Design is a leading cloud computing consulting firm. We help clients improve business processes, build powerful applications and develop new-to-market products all on the clouds. We develop and implement everything including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Mobile Applications, Chatter, Customer Portal, Partner Portal, Salesforce Sites, AppExchange Listing, AppExchange Packaging, and Custom Application Development. Our skilled consultants work on all project roles including; Senior Business Analyst, Senior Technical Architect, Senior Data Architect, Data Migration Specialist, Senior Instructor, Project Manager and Curriculum Developers. We all specialize in Our consultants have been trained on how to implement and optimize the complete application set. This ensures that each client gets qualified, knowledgeable resources on their project. We use a best practice implementation methodology that brings in elements of classic software implementations with agile software development models. This ensures a quick, painless and successful project. Our practice helps organizations of all sizes use software more successfully.

  • North America
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