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Atlas Language Services

United States

Mike Lemay

[email protected]

We currently do not have a video, however you may visit our website to learn more about our services.

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Since 2000 Atlas Language Services, Inc. has specialized in simultaneous conference interpretation, equipment, project management and technical support worldwide. Our dedicated conference team manages everything from small local events to large international conferences. Your event does not have a second chance at a first impression and everything MUST GO PERFECTLY! That is why Fortune 500 companies and even Fortune/Time, Inc. rely on Atlas Language Services to support all their language needs worldwide! Lots of companies claim to do simultaneous conference interpretation and many even dabble, but they are not truly invested in conference interpretation like Atlas is. With over 70% of our revenue tied to conference interpretation support and logistics, you can be assured we are the leading industry experts! We have provided linguistic support for: Pope Francis; Gianfanco Cardinal Ravasi; US Vice President Joe Biden; PRC President Xi; Argentina's President Macri; South Korea's President Park; Denmark's Prime Minister Rasmussen; US Senate Majority Leader Hon. William Frist; Broadcast Journalists Katie Couric; Max Gomez; Robin Robins; CEO's of McDonald's Corporation; Walt Disney Co.; Intel; Best Buy; YouTube; PayPal; Levi Stratus; IBM; Google; Yahoo and many more. Our work has taken us throughout the United States and abroad including: China; Hong Kong; Singapore; Tokyo; Thailand; Taiwan; Ireland; United Kingdom; Mexico; Sweden; Germany; France; Portugal; Spain; Austria; Italy; Russia; Hungry; Turkey; Egypt; South Africa; Guatemala; Colombia; Brazil; Peru to just name a few. Atlas Language Services, Inc. can be reached at 888.816.0577 or 815.479.1600 or online at or You can also visit us at to see up to date event photos.

  • North America
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Privately Held

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1095 Pingree Rd

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Crystal Lake







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(815) 479-1600

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