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Trifecta Event Management

United States

Rebecca Hackl

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Trifecta Event Management is an event agency specializing in the creation, planning and execution of B2B and B2C corporate marketing events and functions. Our expertise extends to clients in the fields of advertising/public relations, non-profit, aerospace/defense, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, manufacturing and oil production. We create multidimensional experiences that inspire people to take action and influence others by building your brand strategy through the integration of your team with ours. Our portfolio of expertise includes events of all types, sizes, and budgets. Trifecta Event Management approaches events with an insight into the requirements and goals of each client's individual needs. Whether we plan a one-day event or a national tour, our firm creates a unique experience that is tailored specifically to you. Let us refresh and recharge your brand to create business solutions that deliver your vision.

  • North America
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