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Miller Tanner Associates

United States

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Miller Tanner is a WBENC-certified, full-service corporate event planning company with proven experience globally on six continents. We specialize in event management and technology for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry. We deliver exceptional capabilities for Face-to-Face, Virtual and Hybrid meetings that exceed client expectations. All we need is your vision and expectations – Miller Tanner will handle the rest including security, compliance and budget management. 

The Miller Tanner Difference: Tried-and-True World Class Customer Service. Miller Tanner is known for its focused customer service on 6 continents. (Alas! Antarctica doesn’t meet our standards for your meeting!) Hospitality and Smiles don’t cost anything extra! Proven Track Record in the Industry & Around the Globe. Miller Tanner provides the benefit of over 2 decades of experience and the knowledge derived from successfully executing over 2,800+ meetings worldwide. Reliable Global Reach. Miller Tanner employs regional resources who speak the local language and know the local customs. This translates into savings of time, and money while avoiding challenges for our clients.

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