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Intela Learning

United States

Bob Christensen

[email protected]

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Intela Learning was created out of a desire to build a unified learning system that addresses a critical training need: most of what is taught in a learning event is quickly forgotten and not transferred to the job. Envisioned and brought to market by three leading learning professionals Intela™ incorporates the latest cognitive science research to promote learning retention and job transfer. Intela™ is the first truly unified Continuous Learning System. It is not an LMS. It is not a courseware development system. Intela™ allows companies to convert learning events into learning processes through four proven learning strategies: Review and Reinforcement Gamification Subscription Learning (using microlearning) and Active Assessments. Intela™ is used before during and after a learning event to ensure that what is learned is remembered and transferred back to the job. Intela™ simplifies the jobs of corporate training professionals by integrating all the tools they need to train reinforce and assess into a single system. It provides real-time statistics so you can monitor and analyze employee performance and create targeted remediation. Based in its offices in Central New Jersey the company services U.S-based and global organizations of all sizes; from smaller sales groups to enterprise-wide audiences; and companies just taking a product or service to market to companies with a complete portfolio of product offerings. To learn more about Intela Learning and discover the positive impact a Continuous Learning System can have on your learning audience contact us at 609-483-5060 ext. 5168. Or if you’re in the Lambertville NJ area we invite you to stop by our offices.

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