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Deeta Analytics

United States



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Deeta Analytics is an analytics and technology company headquartered in Chicago with an office in Chennai, India. We are an expert team of data scientists, business analysts, solution architects and programmers. Our services include but not limited to: ADVANCED ANALYTICS DASHBOARD AND REPORTING PLATFORMS BIG DATA IOT APP DEVELOPMENT Our core strength and common theme across all these offering is ?Advanced Analytics?. We leverage Big Data ecosystem to deliver IOT solutions and custom Apps supported by State-of-the art Dashboards powered by Advanced Analytics including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Here?s what we deliver: ? Really fast and scalable Big Data infrastructure leveraging our Cloudera partnership ? Advanced Analytics including Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence ? IOT platform that delivers real-time insights and takes corrective actions ? State-of-the-art Apps that enable data-driven decision making ? Always meaningful insights and at times, unexpected insights through our Dashboard solutions We serve verticals such as Financial Services, CPG and Retail, Telecom, Media and Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Digital Media, Education, Manufacturing and Hospitality, among others. Deeta Analytics helps companies transform data into insights leading to Empowered Decision-making. We consistently deliver meaningful insights by combining all data sources in your company and any third party data that you may have. What?s more, we often deliver hidden or never-before seen insights that may give a huge competitive advantage to your company.

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