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Emerson Resources

United States

Chip Signorino

[email protected]

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Emerson Resources is a pharmaceutical services provider located in Norristown, PA. Offering preformulation through phase II clinical supplies manufacturing services, our highly trained staff and state of the art manufacturing facility are available to support all of your drug product development needs. Emerson also maintains a Schedule I - V analytical license and Schedule II - V manufacturing license for DEA controlled substances. Our formulation development expertise is focused on solid and non-sterile liquid products including tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, oral solutions and suspensions. In addition, Emerson manufactures several value added ingredients including Marcoat 125 and PlasACRYL T20. These coating system additives improve physical properties, speed process time, and reduce costs.

  • North America
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Privately Held

Address 1

600 Markley Street


Norristown, PA





Phone Number

610 279-7450

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