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United States

Oriana Zerbini

[email protected]

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CROMSOURCE is the leading independent international provider of clinical life sciences services, focused on the clinical development of medicines and medical devices and flexible resourcing solutions. We provide a truly comprehensive range of clinical research services and staffing solutions to the pharma, biotech, vaccine and medical device industries. Established for over 20 years, CROMSOURCE has become a successful international organization through our intense customer focus and our strong commitment to people and processes. The CROMSOURCE philosophy includes ?Quality by Design? ? a focus on designing and implementing processes which ensure quality and efficiency, rather than relying solely on the ability to react to issues as they occur. The Quality by Design philosophy is utilised at all levels within CROMSOURCE, from broad operational systems design to individual study level management. In relation to this philosophy, CROMSOURCE was one of the earliest adopters of ISO certification in our industry. We support global projects through our headquarters in Verona, Italy and offices in Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA and UK with home-based teams working across Europe, North America and many other regions. We also provide superior first-into-human and Phase I/II research services via our state-of-the-art early phase unit located in a leading teaching hospital in Verona, Italy. CROMSOURCE has industry leading rates of on-time, on-budget project delivery. Coupled with our high staff retention levels and project team stability, it is easy to why CROMSOURCE clients return to us again and again with new projects.

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