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Medical Web Experts

United States

John Deutsch

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Medical Web Experts, a leading provider of IT and web development solutions for the healthcare industry, offers customers a superior, one-stop-shop experience for all their web presence needs. Medical Web Experts helps practices, hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, labs and software vendors meet their online presence objectives through our broad, HIPAA-compliant product and service offering.These products and services include a patient portal solution, a mobile app platform, custom software/app development, interface development, web design and internet marketing. Today's healthcare organizations are deeply challenged to meet the market demand for a modern, self-service, secure web presence. Without the necessary internal IT resources and knowledge to successfully create, market and maintain web technologies, projects face imminent failure. Medical Web Experts'? experience and holistic approach to the development of customer solutions has resulted in its customers'? unparalleled success for more than a decade. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Medical Web Experts is an employee-owned business made up of 45 staff. We serve hundreds of customers nationwide, including multiple prestigious healthcare organizations such as Columbia University, University of Massachusetts, Baylor and MedStar Washington. Medical Web Experts'? vision is to be the company healthcare organizations trust. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their online presence objectives, safely and securely, through our broad product and service offering.

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