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United States

Gini Shoyhet

[email protected]

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ImpactCxO offers expertise in Multi-Channel HCP Marketing & Engagement, User Data Management, Marketing Automation, Personalized User Journey, C-level advice in Finance and Operations. - A superior HCP Marketing strategy is a critical factor in achieving your company?s goals in the provider space. At ImpactCxO we recognize communication preferences of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other HCPs, and utilize this knowledge to craft a strategy that will engage and convert your target audience. We will also plan, design, and execute campaigns and tactics to deliver measurable ROI and improved KPIs across the board. - CFO Services: Small and medium-sized business owners all face similar challenges. Rather than focus on growing their companies, they are overwhelmed by lack of accurate financial reporting, analyses, structure and forecasts that would otherwise enable them to make sound business decisions. This is further complicated by a misconception that only big organizations can afford to utilize a Chief Financial Officer's expertise. We address this disconnect head on. Our goal is simple. Whether you're a start-up or an existing company looking to move to the next level, we'll provide you with real, affordable options to have an expert CFO help you make more profitable decisions, and move your business towards achieving its strategic goals. - COO Services: Operations are the backbone of your business, but getting them to optimum efficiency is an area that's mostly put on the back burner to focus on a myriad of other pressing business priorities. Inevitably, this makes operations a prime target for wasteful spending and ineffective policies. ImpactCxO will objectively review every process and go beyond "that's the way it's always been done"? excuses. We will re-engineer your operating methods with a single goal - create the most effective and efficient processes that will measurably contribute to your bottom line.

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