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Fuse Universal

United States

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Fuse Universal is unique: A next-generation, mobile-first solution that has turned Learning & Development on its head. By putting business outcomes front and centre stage, Fuse lets companies build a culture of continuous learning that delivers measurable business results. A rapidly-expanding list of over 150 progressive global companies are reaping the benefits of the Fuse approach, including Merck, Scandic, Hilti, Cancer Research UK and many others, ranging from mid-size enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. With a community-led design, Fuse lets companies unlock the knowledge, skills and insights of their top-performing employees to teach and engage their teams worldwide, cultivating best practices across the business. And Fuse?s unique blend of machine learning, AI and beautifully-designed tools seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, traditional learning content and courses. Fuse Universal is immensely proud of FuseSchool, its global open education charity. The mission is simple: FuseSchool is dedicated to bringing top-quality education to everyone, everywhere in the world, all for free. FuseSchool has just made the entire UK GCSE curriculums for physics, chemistry, biology and maths available online: that?s over 850 science and maths videos. FuseSchool already has 232,000 subscribers and over 34.5 million views ? and it?s still growing.

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